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Mariah G. - Cosmetology L1

Mariah G. - Cosmetology L1

Start Date: May 4, 2020
Expected Graduation Date: May 2021
Current Level: 1
# of Months on Clinic Floor: TBD
# of Hours on Clinic Floor Weekly: TBD

Clinic Floor Achievements

Average Monthly Guest Count: TBD
Average Monthly Retail Total: TBD
Average Monthly Referrals: TBD
Average Monthly Pre-book: TBD

What I love most about my new career: The degree of control and freedom. The ability to create a variety of art to help others feel beautiful. I love helping people feel better about themselves. This career lets me express myself in it's true form.

My biggest accomplishment while at SSA: Passing all of my tests and perfect attendance throughout foundations. Also, staying positive when days get a little difficult.

Other Accomplishments: Having a commitment to school & working.